Monday, January 21, 2013

My Week Thus Far...

Hello! I am back... with lots of pictures! I met up with several friends and did a lot of eating and shopping :)

Fried Chicken
and waffles! yummy!
Beet Salad
Foie Gras
White Truffle Risotto
White Chocolate Eclair
Macarons from Feel Good Bakery!
Potato Croquettes
Niku Udon (beef)
Oyakodon (chicken, egg, onion, and sauce over rice. Delicious!)
Tekkadon (tuna sashimi over rice)
Omg! So cute!! <3 Pigs
Purple Kow Ice Milk Tower *o* (I want moaarrr)
Pesto Chicken Crepe
Chicken Penne Alfredo 
Sprinkles Cupcakes (Wanted to see what the hype was all about. They're good, but not great... more cute than anything else lol)
Yummy Breakfast Burrito! (egg, cheese, bacon, and salsa)
Breakfast Sandwich (egg, cheese, and bacon)
Lovely little gift from my friend! She wasn't sure when she would see me again and put together this little bag of goodies. She also included 3 chocolates from her trip to Korea. Very sweet of her, figuratively and literally :)
Adorable pocket soap! Little sheets of soap in the shape of roses! I had to get it.....I am weak when it comes to cute things T_T
Piggy i love you...I had to buy this too T_T
My new Hello Kitty stamp ring! :D
Finn headphones! Quality: Meh lol. Cuteness: 10/10 (again, I am weak when it comes to cute things T_T)
Bwaaaahhhh I HAD to get this! I am so happy that my best friend saw this little guy! He's so cute, I had to take him home...We both did lol.  
And he glows! The light fades from light to dark :) He can float in bath water or in a fish bowl as decoration (If you'd like) Just too awesome!
First attempt at watercolor... What I learned: Watercolor. is. hard. lol.
Just bought this today! Seems like most artists I follow like to use moleskine products. I'm curious about the quality... I guess I'll find out! 
It was a beautiful day today, why not paint something! I also wanted to test out my new watercolor sketch book. Hehe, I think you can guess who I painted :)

Well, that pretty much sums up my week! I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! 



  1. I definitely love your food ventures. They look so good. Incredibly! With this blog, it'll push you to try new places.

    I'm glad you've tried out the watercolor set! I've been wanting to see it..and I see you were inspired by our little friend! I have yet to use it.

    Good purchase on the ring too. :)

    1. oh, why thank you! It has been exciting going out and taking all these pics! I always liked taking pics of my food, I just never thought to post it lol. And thank you for coming along for the ride haha..It's always nice to have great company with yummy food :)

      Yeah, watercolor is super fun! I need to practice more! Oh man..i love the jelly fish so much haha. He's still in the box! I haven't used it yet either. I can't wait to put him in water keke.

      oh thanks lol, I want more! I suddenly have this obsession with little stamps...I wanted to buy the mini stamp set at the alpaca plush store, but so expensive T_T