Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Perfect Day for an Oyster Outing

After weeks of craving raw oysters, my lovely friends and I made a trip to Hog Island Oyster Bar for an early dinner during their happy hour. It was nothing short of amazing! On average, the oysters run about $2.75 per oyster, but select oysters are half off during the 5-7pm happy hour! A bit pricey still, but so worth it! I've never had better oysters before. They're incredibly fresh (no taste of the sea whatsoever) and they just melt in your mouth! Talking about it makes me want more lol. I am certain that we will be back again in the near future! :)

Best Clam Chowder ever! 
Grilled Cheese
The Oysters!!! *drool*
Lovely View of the Bay Bridge
Despite our smiles, it was quite cold out! lol

After dinner, we explored the little shops in the Marketplace.

No trip to the Ferry Building Marketplace is complete without picking up a few goodies from Miette! 
So pretty! I love mint green :)
Such an adorable little shop!
Soooo good! They're not the prettiest, but they taste amazing!

After dessert, we traveled back to our hometown. It was still quite early. The night was young, and so were we...So why not end the night with a couple of drinks! :)

Mango Margaritas
My lovelies :)
Bartender making B52s, one for each of us, and one for him!

Seriously, he made the best drinks I've ever had! Such a friendly guy too! If you happen to be at Lucky 13, look for Patrick!

So that concludes my trip! The day was absolutely perfect with great food and great company! I'm a little sad that it had to end. However, I'm sure there will be many more days like it! Now that school has started, updating my blog may be difficult, but I'll definitely try! I hope you enjoyed my little adventure :) and I hope to post again soon!



  1. Happy to see your first post! It made me so hungry..craving for it all over again! I really enjoyed reading and looking through all the lovely pictures. :) Can't wait for your next adventure. (and to go back)

    1. haha me too!! And thanks my dear :) Yes, we will definitely be back!

  2. epic photos, mang. my eyes and tummy are hungry. all that food really was heavenly, no joke lol.